About NCODeL


In 1998, UPOU organized the 1st National Conference on Open and Distance Learning (NCODL) with the objective of sharing with HEIs and other interested institutions its experiences in instruction and research in distance education, and promoting distance education as a mechanism for inclusive education. The 2nd NCODL was held in 2005 and the 3rd in 2008. NCODeL 2015, the fourth in the series, builds on the successes of the previous conferences not only by focusing on building the capabilities of HEIs and TVIs but also by highlighting the role of modern information and communications technologies (ICTs) in flexible education. NCODeL, together with the biennial ICODeL (International Conference on Open and Distance e-Learning), provides a forum for administrators, teachers scholars, practitioners and policymakers to learn from each other as they explore spaces and possibilities for ODeL for development.