Data Privacy Act

The Preconference Data Privacy Forum will provide the participants interpretation of the data privacy law (RA 10173) from one of the country’s leading information and technology law experts. Participants will gain insights into how their organizations are affected by the law, and what practical steps they can take to ensure that their institutions are compliant with the law’s requirements. The forum is free but has limited slots. Pre-registration is required.

Instructional Design in ODeL

The workshop aims to introduce to the participants the principles of course module development, the resource-based approach in developing learning resources, and the use of open educational resources as sources of course content. It is intended for individuals who are involved in module writing, content delivery, instructional design, and assessment of learning. Interested individuals should bring their laptops and course outlines during the workshop. The workshop is free but only 30 slots are available. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-registration is required.

Technology in ODeL

The Technology in ODeL preconference lecture-workshop will provide participants the knowledge and hands-on experience on how to use learning management system in the teaching and learning process. It would talk about how to teach in a virtual classroom and discuss the student as well as teacher features of Moodle. It is intended for teachers, technical staff, and administrators who planned to set up their own LMS or to learn the various features of Moodle. Interested participants must bring their own laptop for the workshop. Participation is free but has limited slots. Pre-registration is required.