In this increasingly open world, openness in education has become an imperative. Here is now a growing movement towards the sharing of knowledge resources across institutions and even nations.  Educational institutions must be able to harness the affordances of available learning resources and technologies and tap appropriate pedagogical designs to make quality academic programs within the reach of more diverse set of learners.


Open and Distance Learning Act

CHED Endorsement

The CHED endorsement encourages all officials, employees and students from all higher education institutions in the country for voluntary participation. Officials and employees of state and local colleges and universities are advised to obtain permission from the head of the institution and use government funds properly.

Read the CHED Memorandum here. If you are interested in the CHED Fellowship Grant, you may use this form

Conference Topics

This year’s conference shall cover the following aspects and components of open and distance e-learning (ODeL):

Conference Sub themes

  • Open Educational Practices
  • Technology in ODeL
  • Quality Assurance in ODeL

Pre-conference Workshop

  • Instructional Design in ODeL
  • Technology in ODeL
  • Data Privacy Act in Education